10 Most Enjoyable Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2015)

You thought weddings are costly? Hold up till you see these honeymoon destinations. Be prepared to spare no cost if you want desert islands with perfect beaches all for yourself and that special somebody you’ve recently said “yes” to, champagne breakfast, beds scattered with flower petals, all-inclusive bundles that will make your tropical dream come alive. For most couples, the honeymoon can be deciphered into a spot where they get away from everyone else together. This more often than not means calling room service for a bottle of champagne at midnight, since leaving your room just isn’t worth the bother. Love birds can pick between an excessive spot or an extravagance hideaway, idyllic beaches or a safari lodge, a cottage for yourselves amidst the middle of nowhere or a Venetian palace. In the event that its an oceanfront view balcony or a rooftop terrace ignoring their most loved city lights during the evening, it’s worth every penny.
The honeymoon is the most important occasion you will take as a couple, praising the first days of marriage and appreciating each others’ company before you both face reality. After all the hustle and bustle about of making your fantasy wedding flawless, you require a spot to recover from all the anxiety of planning, smiling happily at strangers, and hitting the dancefloor with your in laws. Currently, a spoiling intriguing getaway may sound like an incredible opportunity, yet it can turn into a headache by itself. For a few of us, the honeymoon is a one opportunity thing, and it must be perfect from all perspectives. Anyhow, the big question is where should you go?

10. One with Nature: Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp, Thailand

elephant hills rainforest
Home to a few of the most well known island vacations on the planet, Thailand is the perfect destination for couples looking for an extensive variety of activities from city breaks to boat rides, mountain hiking, elephant rides, and beach time. Khao Sok National Park is home to a 160 million year old rainforest that havens elephants and uncommon flowers, similar to the rafflesia, the world’s biggest flower. The national park is additionally home to Thailand’s first drifting inn and luxury tented camp. In a remote corner of Cheow Larn Lake, Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp contains ten luxury tents on pontoons. You can get out of bed and slip straight into the water. Also, the resort offers various outside activities like kayaking along the woods edge, trekking the rainforest, spotting gibbons, feeding and interacting with elephants, making sure you will become one with nature.


9. Wild Beauty: Loisaba Wilderness, Kenya

Located on top of a rough slope, Loisaba Wilderness is a 60,000 acre private hold in Kenya, one of the wildest destinations on Earth. The safari cabin offers various luxury amenities, for example, four-poster beds and timbered decks facing Mount Kenya, taking care of your soul, body and mind. Visitors are offered the special chance to plan the African adventure they had always wanted. For a really memorable night, you can decide on a Koija star bed, a handmade elevated bed roosted on an open-air platform for a goodnight’s rest under the stars. Couples are likewise offered evening safaris amid which they can detect Africa’s amazing wildlife. Thereafter, they can unwind in an al fresco champagne shower for two in the African bushes. Costs begin at $2,200 for a five-night sit stay.


8. Jungle Luxury: Amankila, Bali

amankila bali
The most unmistakable of all islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is the place of pirates and dragons. Every one of those couples that wish to get more like an fascinating spiritual culture and immerse themselves in outside activities are in the right place. Aman resorts were designed in Bali and give the ultimate pampering experience. There are three such resorts on the island, and one of them is Amankila on the east drift, situated on a cliff at whose foothills a private beach and beach club welcome guests. Its 34 suites connected by raised walkways allow for in-room spa treatment. The resort is composed like a customary Balinese town, with thatched-rooftop suites, each with own private walled garden, its centrepiece being a three-layered infinity pool on the cliff edge.


7. Essence of Romance: Monastero Santa Rosa, Amalfi Coast

amalfi coast
The vertiginous mountain streets on Italy’s Amalfi coast lead from one luxury resort to the next. Before you get to the hotel, before you get a taste of that glass of wine and heavenly cuisine, there’s something about the spot that makes you fall in love with it. Maybe its the winding street along that stunning scenery that makes you feel as though in you were featuring in a 1960’s movie, with the wind blowing in your hair, and your scarf getting loose from your neck and in the long run getting lost in the air. Located on a clifftop overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, Monastero Santa Rosa is the very embodiment of romance. The extravagant boutique hotel ohas a selection of 20 rooms inside a 17th century monastery from which the nuns were kicked out in the 19th century. Sexy beds with the finest cloths, gardens and terraces, and a cliff edge linfinity pool that appears to slip straight into the shimmering blue ocean can all be had for $700 every night.


6. Castaway Fantasy: The Wakaya Club & Spa, Fiji

wakaya club
One of the South Seas Islands, Fiji is thousand of miles from civilization, virtually in the middle of nowhere, with lots of deserted beaches and outstanding jungles with loud waterfalls splashing into emerald lagoons. To have an idea of what it looks and feels like, you should know that Cast Away and Blue Lagoon were shot here. One of Fiji’s best private island resorts is the Wakaya Club & Spa. Bill and Melinda Gates honeymooned here. It has a limited choice of Eco-friendly lodging, since there are only 10 cottages, called bures traditionally, in which you can stay. Don’t judge just yet. Cottage is a term that is a big understatement. Each is equipped with its own 16 acres of private land for total privacy. Yachts are not allowed to drop anchor on Wakaya Island. But if you happened to get shipwrecked here, you can be sure to find the ultimate pampering experience and welcoming locals. Prices begin at $2,200 every night.


5. Homeland of Romance: Ca Maria Adele, Venice

It shouldn’t be too much work to locate a romantic place to stay in Venice, one of the most picturesque cities in the planet. With a lot of places changed to luxury hotels, it can actually become hard to choose. To make it easier for you, I show you Ca Maria Adele, which has been seen as the most romantic hotel not only in Venice, but also in all of Italy and all of Europe. A lovely bridge over a canal in Dorsoduro, the contemporary art neighborhood, takes visitors to the entrance of a 16th century palace and its 12 bedrooms, each different, richly decorated and atmospherically lit. The wonderful decor showcases damaschi fabrics, fur wallpaper, African wood furniture, Swarovski crystals, marble fireplaces, Murano chandeliers, and more can be found. Although nothing can be compared with the view you get from your balcony, as you gaze at the boats gently gliding down the Grand Canal in central Venice as you have breakfast.


4. Adventure Redefined: Constance Le Prince Maurice, Mauritius

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius bring amazing national parks for all the people who love adventures, with tropical forests housing interesting wildlife for an off-the-beaten-path experience, and that not the end of it. If you dream of lazing on the porch of your private oceanfront cabana while being served cocktails by the hour, then you are in the right place. Constance Le Prince Maurice is seen as the most luxurious romantic hotel on the archipelago, coming with sophisticated designs and spacious rooms, with polished floorboards and darkwood furniture. The Princely Suite is its pride and joy, you must hunt it down for your honeymoon. It comes with private terraces for dining and lounging purposes, two pools, gardens, and even its own stretch of the beach, all just for you and your other half to enjoy with no interruptions.


3. All-inclusive Luxury: Viceroy Resort on St. Lucia, Caribbean

One of your first choices when planning your honeymoon are the Caribbean Islands, which offer a couple of the best beaches and sunsets. Between the islands of Barbados and Martinique, St. Lucia is the jewel of the southern Caribbean. It comes with its outstanding Piton Mountains covered in lovely palm-fringed beaches and rainforests. You can spend your afternoons kayaking, hiking in the mountains, or horseback riding, then come back to the refined all-inclusive Viceroy beach resort, equipped with 59 beautiful villas wonderfully set at the foothills of the Pitons come up like sentinels on each side of the golden half-moon shaped beach. You can spend your time laying back on the large terrace in front of your private villa, and you can request your butler to prepare a wonderful dinner and serve it on the beach at midnight, and lastly take a dip into the warm sea. Prices begin at $4,300 for a seven-night stay.


2. Desert Island Paradise: Banyan Tree Madivaru, Maldives

One of the first places that newlyweds decide to go to, the Maldives are one of those areas on the planet you have to visit during your life. They are a great destination for couples dreaming of Martinis served on the boat, laying around in hammocks all day, and candlelit dinners by the beach. But if it is extreme luxury you desire, I would suggest the Banyan Tree Madivaru, hidden away from the world in the corner of a deserted island. Camouflaged by the dense evergreen jungle, you can only find six luxury suites, each giving you a choice of its own luxuries: large tented rooms, living and dining area, private pool, and spacious bedroom.You will be at your very own stretch of the beach from where you can slip right into the outstandingly clear waters. You will get the best privacy here, since the suites are built in a way that you will rarely catch a glimpse of another soul, with prices starting at $2,300 per night.


1. Barefoot Glamor: Fregate Island Private, Seychelles

fregate island
For your castaway island fantasy, the ultimate barefoot paradise is the Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It offers pristine white sand beaches opening to turquoise water, and it houses rich wildlife in their virgin forests and coral reefs. If money is not a problem, its the first pick for a perfect honeymoon. Fregate Island Private is an outstanding all-inclusive resort that puts a whole new meaning to luxury, bringing in a lot of A-listers from Brad Pitt to Princess Anne. There are 16 private teak villas in total, each coming with its own butler, terrace with jacuzzi, pool, and dining pavilion. Gourmet meals are served in the Plantation House and the fregate House. Fregate Island Private is the perfect place to have that romantic dinner by the beach that you have always wanted. Not only the beach, but also anywhere you feel like; by the pool or jacuzzi, on the terrace, and even on top of a tree. For an unforgettable romantic experience, you will be lifted all the way to the upper branches of a banyan tree where a romantic dinner will be served 30 feet above the ground. The 300-hectare private island resort contains seven private beaches that are the habitat to rare giant turtles, exotic birds, and yacht clubs, with prices begin at $3,700 per night per villa, the perfect combination for a glamorous desert island experience.

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