10 Shocking Theories About Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2017)


In every topic people discuss, a few people come up with conspiracy theories about these topics. This is the same case with media, especially cartoons we used to watch a child. Many people have come up with conspiracy theories about these cartoons which make us see this cartoons in a different way now.

All these childhood cartoons theories can be found anywhere on the internet, and most of them are just ridiculous, some are just disturbing, and other might make you think twice since it sounds like a possibility of the cartoon.

Down listed here are the 10 most shocking theories that might just ruin those old time cartoons that you used to watch as a child. Good luck.


  1. Courage the Cowardly Dog Nowhere Theory

Courage the Cowardly dog might have been one of your favourite cartoons back in the 90s for its scary and creepy episodes that are still like that even when you look at them today.

In the cartoon’s intro, the person speaking mentions that courage and his family live in the middle of nowhere and that Courage has to defend his new home from all kinds of forces that come to his home. One genius on Reddit came up with a theory concerning this info here.

One possible theory is that Courage thinks he is in the middle of nowhere while in reality, he doesn’t know the surroundings outside his home since no one takes him out for walks. His two owners could be just watching their dog running around all over the house and just think that that’s the normal for him and just ignores him. This explains why Courage is the only one who normally freaks out and his owners just look like they are living a normal life.


  1. Hey Arnold! Main Character and Existential Crisis Theory

Every great cartoon must have plenty of theories going around for them, and Hey Arnold! is not excluded. One of the theories is that Arnold’s friends are a figment of his imagination. Just think about it. Arnold is always being bullied at school, mainly because of his shaped head, and this can cause him to imagine people who have the same deformity as him and call them his friends and doesn’t feel weird.

Speaking of the deformity of his head, this relates to another theory. This theory states that Arnold’s grandparents are actually his real parents, even though they say that his real parents died in a plane crash. This would explain Arnold’s condition since his parents were old when he was born.

Whoever thought Arnold was the main character, you might be just wrong. The main character in the show is actually Helga. IF you think about it, Helga is the only character who gives a monologue at the end of every episode, or is the only character who reflects on growing up and maturing. Also, she is the only one who recites “Hey Arnold!” three times in the opening scene.


  1. Dexter’s Laboratory Vivid Imagination Theory

I’m sure Dexter’s Laboratory was one of our favourite cartoons when you we were children, especially if we were really into science and wanted to become things like a scientist or a boy-genius like him and have a huge laboratory just hiding somewhere in your house. This theory will change how you look at this show and probably change your opinions about him. The theory that was found was that Dexter has Asperger’s syndrome.

Lets look at Dexter’s character. He is socially awkward which we know since he doesn’t leave his lab unless he has to, for example to go to school. He also has OCD – like patterns and also has a unique accent from everyone else. This shows that Dexter has signs of someone who has Asperger’s syndrome. One we see because of his social behaviour and that he is exceptionally gifted and smart. We also see this through his accent since most people who have Asperger’s syndrome often learn to pronounce as they first hear them, especially from watching tv, hence the accent.

If we look at it through Dexter’s point of view, we see that he has a hard time understanding others, he sees his sister as being really stupid, his mom is always mood, and his dad is just a buffoon. Also, the one rival that he has is Mandark, and that is because Mandark is at the same smart level as him and has similar issues like him, and Dexter wants to make sure that he is the smartest of both of them.


  1. Garfield Hallucination Theory

As Garfield being a character who takes everything for granted, this theory makes sense if you look at it in that perspective. The theory states that because of Garfield’s constant need to eat and him being lonely makes him see hallucinations. And not just any hallucinations, hallucinations of dead people. To make it more clear, garfield sees hallucinations of Odie and Jon because of how hungry he always is.

This theory is first seen in a 1989 Halloween release of Jim Davis’ comic strip, starting with Garfield waking up to a house up for sale with Jon and Odie nowhere to be found.

Because Garfield hates being alone, he goes into this state of denial where he hallucinates Odie and Jon coming back to him and he is no longer alone. At the end of the comic it states, “An imagination is a powerful tool, it can tint memories of the past, shade perceptions of the present, or paint a future so vivid that it can entice … or terrify, all depending on how we conduct ourselves today.” Because Garfield took everything for granted, he is stuck in a future where Jon and Odie no longer exist but he refuses to accept this because of his fear of loneliness.


  1. Scooby – Doo Drugged Reality and Post-Depression Theories

All of you who thought Scooby – Doo was just a normal cartoon might have your minds changed here. How about if I told you that this show was actually a drug- induced reality. Just think about it. Shaggy is a high school dropout who likes to smoke weed a lot, Scooby is a dog who thinks he can talk but he can’t since he is also high. And have you ever thought why whenever Shaggy and Scooby take Scooby Snacks they get overly confident. Those snacks are also drugged. Whenever the van leaves, we see smoke coming out of it. We can say the whole gang is involved with this since Fred is obviously the leader, Velma makes the weed by messing around with the chemicals and Daphne is rich enough to afford all of this for the gang.

Another theory about this show is that it actually takes place during a horrible economic depression. That explains how the houses look and why respectable people in the community such as professors, have to turn to committing crime instead. The whole depression is affecting them and they decide to hide their shame through monster disguises, so that no one knows that it is actually them. This theory sounds more believable than the first.


  1. Captain Planet and The Magic School Bus Theory

During the mid 1990’s, many kids used to watch the Magic School Bus which was an entertaining show with a lot of good life lessons. Also during this time, there was another show called Captain Planet which was about a group of teens together with a green superhero making sure the earth was protected from people who were trying to destroy their planet. You make think that it is just a coincidence that both shows focus on good life lessons, but what if I told you that it wasn’t?

What if I told you that the characters from Captain Planet are the same characters from The Magic School bus. First we have how the characters have the same race as in both seasons but it goes in further than that.

The theory starts off with Miss Frizzle kidnapping a number of kids and brainwashing them and making them live on an island. From there, he could make them have a huge love for the earth at an early age and whenever they will be needed to save it from bad factors, she would give them power rings to enable them to do so. Of course not all the kids got brainwashed. Those who didn’t ended up being the villains in Captain Planet.


  1. SpongeBob SquarePants Nuclear Testing and Drug Theories

This theory actually makes a bit of sense if you look at how the show is set. All these talking animals living under the sea, doing jobs, just living like how normal humans would might be suggesting that something is off. Well maybe that’s because Spongebob is actually a result of twenty-three nuclear devices going off simultaneously.

Think about it. In 1946, at a place underwater called Bikini Atoll, the U.S. government decided to test some nuclear devices there. Because of the nuclear radiation, the animals down there gained a lot of IQ making them act as they do in Spongebob. Also, Bikini Atoll, Bikini Bottom. The names are not just a coincidence.

Have you ever thought of the main characters in the show to be on drugs. Spongebob is on meth, explaining all the sudden mood swings like him going from really happy to really sad. Squidward is on heroin, always down and out. Patrick is on marijuana, does nothing all day and eats a lot. Mr. Krabs is a coke head who is always paranoid, especially in the episode where Plankton decides that he will give up on the Krabby Patty formula. Sandy is an alcoholic and Plankton is on PCP, angel dust, since he doesn’t feel any pain and is always faking it.


  1. The Powerpuff Girls Perversion Theory

It mentions in the beginning of every episode that Professor Utonium had the ingredients to make the perfect little girls, but have you ever asked yourself why he had those ingredients in the first place. We all know that the Professor is unlucky with women, which makes this theory more believable.

Because Utonium had needs he needed to quench from always being alone, he decided to create something for himself. He thought that creating a normal woman would be suspicious enough and that he could not just hide her forever in his house. That’s when his idea of creating little girls or “daughters” came in, since he could just say that they were dropped out of his front door and he could not just leave them there. The Chemical X ruins this by giving the girls superpowers which was not what he intended to do. Makes you wonder why he would be creating little girls.

Have you ever asked yourself how hard it would be to raise three girls with superpowers. Someone on the internet said that the Professor actually smokes weed and this is why he is able to cope with all the work of raising this three girls. Wait until they grow up and we will see how smoking weed will help him then.

Mojo Jojo is actually the’ elder half-brother of the powerpuff girls and this is why. He was created by the Professor but then became mutated by accident. He is sexually obsessed with the girls and is always trying to capture them, not kill them though.


  1. The Smurfs Are Racist, Misogynist Fascists

Of course a cartoon as perfect as this one does not fail to have some theories behind it. According to a theory by a French sociologist, the smurfs are actually a representation of the Nazis. First all the smurfs wear the white hoods except Papa Smurf, the only female in the village actually meets the Aryan ideal beauty because of her blonde hair.

Also, their first comic strip called The Black Smurfs, we see the smurfs become sick. Their signs of being sick is that they turn black, start acting mad, lose all their intelligence and can only say the word “gnap”. Just look at that sentence and think.

Also, their greatest enemy, Gargamel, is seen to have some sense of a Jewish background, which starts to raise questions. And back to how Smurfette and the idea of her being the ideal beauty. We all know that Smurfette was sent by Gargamel as a plan to destroy the smurfs but Papa Smurf changed her through “plastic Smurfery” and she changed from being the character with “stringy hair and ugly eyelashes” into the beautiful girl she is today.

If any of the above didn’t convince you, then this might. Let’s look at their chant, “All for Smurf and Smurf for All!” Also their salute after that chant seems familiar to something else. You can’t be saying that all of this is just a coincidence.


  1. The Rugrats Everybody’s Dead Theory

One of the most innocent cartoons, yet with one of the most disturbing theories. The theory states that Angelica is actually imagining everything that happens in the show and that all of the other characters are actually dead. Just keep on reading to find out why I actually say this.

First Chuckie died in 1986 together with his mother explaining why Chaz is always so anxious and neurotic. The DeVilles aborted their child in 1990, which is why they are twins in the show because she didn’t know whether it would be either a boy or a girl. Tommy was born dead in 1988, explaining why Stu often went downstairs to the basement, to make toys for the child he never had. And have you ever question why Angelica is the only one who is able to talk with both babies and adults?

Another small theory is that the show actually contains some adult humor, no matter how innocent you might think it is. One of the episodes has Grandpa Low renting some movies for the boys and he says with his eyebrows while renting one of the movies, “My personal favourite, Lonely Space Vixen. That’s for after you go to bed.” Some of you might already have an image in their mind.

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