12 Songs When You Want To Get A Fresh Start/New Beginning In Life

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2017)

Sometimes life can be a major mess and very stressful. You may have been through a major challenge and at the end of it all you want a fresh start. These can be things like a nasty relationship, drug addiction, a dead end town, a boring life etc. Here are some songs that you can listen to for some inspiration.

1.Eminem –  Not Afraid


2. Adele –  Send My Love


3. Destiny’s Child – Survivor


4. Rachel Platten – Fight Song


5. Britney Spears – Stronger


6. Sara Bareilles – Gonna Get Over You


7. Big Sean – Bounce Back


8. Pink – Try


9. TI – Get Back Up


10. TI – Dead and Gone


11. Diddy –  Coming Home


12. Demi Lovato – Warrior

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