13 Pictures Proving That Absurdity Is Always Somewhere Around the Corner

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2019)


1. A 4 meter long snake was discovered in a supermarket fridge in Johannesburg, South Africa.


2. This calculator just changed how we do math


3. Brillian idea!


4. No need to buy an extra curtain


5. A football fan was banned from a stadium for a year so he hired a crane


6. A good way to stand out


7. Which one do I push?


8. Believe it or not, this is a tattoo


9. A clever way to attract as much attention as possible


10. There couldn’t be a better place for it…


11. Someone will pay $168 for these jeans


12. The creators of this tricky “safety system” never thought that someone might just take off the wrapper.


13. Luxury, both inside and outside

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