16 Weirdest And Gross Things Found Under Water

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2016)

The ocean, where all life originates from yet we do not know a lot about it. We even know more about the surface of the moon than the bottoms of the seas on earth. Just think about it, which is much easier to reach, the moon or the bottom of the sea?
Under the waves of the seas and ocean there are wildlife that we have long forgotten and some we have not even seen yet. You never know what is down there until mother nature gives you a chance to be able to see through natural means, or you have to venture there to see them in their natural state.
The ocean depths are not just for finding wildlife. We can also find ancient cities and temples due to natural effects like tsunamis and floods. The waters are just a full place filled with mystery ready to be discovered one day.
Knowing that the depths of the seas and oceans are full of mystery, you may even find the weirdest things down there. Below are just some of the weird things that can be found underwater.


16. Vampire Squid

The Vampire Squid, one of the few animals that can survive comfortably below the oxygen minimum zone in the ocean, which is more than 3000 feet deep. Amazing. This creature has blue blood which helps to carry oxygen better than species similar to it. It also shoots a bioluminescent mucus which has lots and lots of orbs of blue light. This is species that is just beyond other cephalopods. To add to this, the species is really old that it existed even before the dinosaurs.


15. Kiwa, God of Shellfish

Kiwa hirsuta, or the “yeti lobster”, is a blind crab with fluffy pincers that just looks absolutely adorable, until they tear up your nose to lay eggs inside your head. This crab lives in hydrothermal vents and it is seen as a carnivore even though it mainly feed on bacteria.


14. The Bloop


We would all love to know what dangers face us ahead so that we can plan accordingly, right? Well for this creature, we have no idea what it is exactly.
The only thing we know is that it emits a really powerful sound that simply goes “bloop”. Nothing else, just “bloop”.
And that sound is really loud. Compared to a blue whale, the largest creature we know that lives in the ocean. it is far more louder even from really far away.
The official story behind this is that the sound was caused by an iceberg scraping the floor of the ocean somewhere between the Ross Sea and the Bransfield Straits. But we know that they are hiding something from us.


13. Diving Bell Spider

diving bell spider
Everyone knows what spiders are. Those insects that you get scared from when you see walking on the wall or hanging on a web, and just want to quickly get rid of it and not see it again. We have all had that feeling once before in our life. Just imagine if these creatures were not just found on land, you could also find them in water.
The Divine Bell Spider is taking a step in this direction. This is a spider which can survive underwater through using its web to trap air that lasts days before they have to venture and refill their oxygen. Since they live underwater, their bodies have developed to be bigger and stronger than the average spider. More trouble for us if they learn to live one land.


12. The Largest Waterfall on Earth

largest waterfall on earth
When you think of a waterfall, you would think of something that lets water fall of a high place into another pool of water. Well, the Denmark Strait Cataract says otherwise, being an underwater waterfall. That’s right, a waterfall underwater.
The way this waterfall works is that cold water will sink down since it is denser than hot water. So when this area receives water that is colder, it will sink right to the bottom. Sick, right?
This waterfall is found between Greenland and Iceland. The colder or arctic water would hit the warmer water at the Irminger Sea, sinking to about 11,500 feet. That’s three times more than the tallest waterfall we have on land. It also carries a whopping 175 million cubic feet of water every second. I wish I would be able to see it, but then it is underwater.


11. Blobfish

Whenever a creature is getting used to an environment, it adapts its body to fit that environment. If it is removed from there, it’s body could have weird effects to the new environment. This is the same case for sea creatures, especially the Blobfish.
It’s natural habitat is around Australia, specifically in the abyssal zone which is between 4,000 and 6,000 meters below sea level. This creature is thought to be an ambush predator, but we do not know since it’s natural habitat is our demise. Imagine how many creatures saw this as a joke and got eaten by it. The saying is true, never judge a book by its cover.


10. Dumbo Octopus

We have all seen and loved Dumbo. He is one of our favourite elephants from childhood and even today. Now imagine if Dumbo was living underwater instead of on land.
Here we have Dumbo Octopus, the only octopus we know that can live in the depths of 3,000 – 4,000 meters under sea level. The largest that has been ever seen was about 6 feet in length. We would love to learn more about them, but they just happen to be living in areas that are just outside our reach.


9. Tsunami Temples

Vishnu, one of the great Hindu gods, was once angered by a king who refused to worship him, so he struck him down. In order for his descendants not to suffer the same fate, they built temples to cool down his anger. But like most ancient things, the temples were lost and never to be seen again, until 2004.
During that year, a tsunami happened which unveiled the lost temples somewhere out in the sea. According to researchers, we’ve discovered that the temples were buried by another tsunami around the 13th century. That’s a pretty long time for a temple to be lost in the sea.


8. Stonehenge

While Mark Holley, a professor of underwater archeology, and his colleague Brian Abbott were busy exploring Lake Michigan for research purposes, they just happened to come across some rock formations that look just like the Stonehenge just somewhere around the Grand Traverse Bay.
This structure is said to be around 10,000 years old – just around the time after the ice age. There are also some stone circles and similar structures found around that area.


7. The Baltic Anomaly

Peter Lindberg one day discovered something that was just sitting 300 feet right under the Baltic Sea. The problem is, we don’t really know what it is. All we do know is that it is 200 feet long and almost 13-ft thick, is found at the end of some structure similar to a runway and even has a staircase.
Many people have been debating on what actually is down there. Some say it’s alien material, some say it’s a turret that was accidentally dropped at sea, and even some smart people say it is the Millennium Falcon down there. Who knows, one day we might be able to find out exactly what it is.


6. Gulf of Khambhat Cultural Complex

On the year 2001, Indian oceanographers just happened to come across the Gulf of Khambhat Cultural Complex, a enormous submerged city just off the western coast of India. Pottery, sculptures, areas of walls, construction material and remains of humans were all found in this submerged city. It is said to be approximately 9,500 years old, just around the time the ice age ended. This city was probably submerged because of the sea levels rising during that period.
Many people argue against this times, but who would not want to see a 10,000 year old city?


5. Jurassic Microbes

How much would you bet that no animal can be buried for 86 million years with no food and barely any oxygen will survive for that long? You would probably lose that bet if people found out about these Jurassic Microbes. These creatures have evolved to survive in one of the worst conditions known to man, which we see them accomplishing for the past millions of years. To add on to that, they reproduce once every thousand years, which is a pretty long time. Imagine if humans could actually do that. Probably won’t happen in the near future.


4. Christmas Tree Worms

The first thing you think of when you hear of Christmas tree worms are worms that are found on Christmas trees. Too bad that’s not what they are. Christmas Tree Worms, or scientifically for Spirobranchus giganteus, are worms found in the sea that have two quite large crowns that look like Christmas trees.
These worms are mostly found on Coral reefs at Tropical oceans, mostly the Pacific and Caribbean oceans. They are pretty common in those areas and you can find them mostly in coral aquariums.


3. The 52 Hertz Whale

What if you were the only human in the world and you are just roaming the earth trying to find more of your kind but can’t. Sad life, isn’t it? This is the life of the 52 hertz whale.
This whale is the only one ever found of its kind and it is seen as a combination of a blue whale with another kind of whale. Researchers say that it might be deaf. Probably one of its kind is still out there but they might not just be able to hear each other. Would not want to be in the position of this whale.


2. Yonaguni

Yonaguni, or also known as Japan’s Atlantis, was discovered by local divers in the 80’s. It is famous for its pyramid structures but not a lot of research has been done by the Japan government. We are left to just imagine who could have built it or was it naturally there.
Professor Masaaki Kimura believes that the structure has been built by an advanced prehistoric civilisation, which can actually be seen from the structure. It has some intelligent design, through his sharp edges and right angles, and to add to this, it is said to be about 10,000 years old. Might I ask, did the ice age just decide that it will flood all of this monuments all over the world or could it have been something else. Well, we will never know through all the internet debates that will be going on on this topic.


1. An Ocean

Who would have thought that an ocean would be found underwater. This amount of water is locked in the earth’s crust just 400 miles beneath it. But the water down here is not in a form that we really know, we can’t classify it as liquid, vapour or ice. That’s pretty weird.

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