20 Most Visited Websites In Kenya In 2014

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2014)


With smartphone penetration increasing everyday and internet becoming more and more affordable, Kenyans are visiting more and more websites online. The number of local websites has dramatically increased over the years due to more local content being uploaded online and new Kenyan sites coming up every month.

So what are the most visited websites in Kenya in 2014?

Alexa.com uses various tools to estimate how much traffic a website is getting then ranks them.

1. Google.com – World’s top search engine

2. Facebook.com – World’s largest social network

3. Youtube.com – World’s biggest video site

4. Yahoo.com – Provides email services, news and search

5. Google.co.ke – The local Kenyan version of Google

6. Twitter.com – Social networking and microblogging site.

7. Wikipedia.org – Online encyclopedia

8. Standardmedia.co.ke – News by Standard Group

9. Blogspot.com – Free tool to create blogs

10. Nation.co.ke – News site by Nation Media Group

11. LinkedIn – A social network mainly for professional purposes

12. Olx.co.ke – An online Kenyan market place

13. WordPress.com – A tool to create a blog

14. Ask.com – Offer search services on various information

15. Ghafla.co.ke – Kenya’s leading celebrity gossip site

16. Safaricom.co.ke – Kenya’s biggest telecommunication company

17. Kenyan-post.com – A local gossip news site

18. Capitalfm.co.ke – A local news website owned by capital FM

19. BBC.com – News site based in UK

20. Amazon.com – An online worldwide shopping website

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