20 Songs To Listen To When You Hate Your Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2017)

Sometimes after having a nasty breakup with you significant other, they leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth that all you feel is resentment towards them. At that point you would really prefer to listen to songs that can help you bash and annihilate your ex boyfriend or girlfriend since it will will make you feel so much better.

Here is a list of songs you can add to your playlist.

1. Beyonce – Best Thing I Never Had

Beyonce talks about dodging a bullet which is a boyfriend who would have made her life so much worse.


2. Chris Brown – Deuces

Here deuces is a word that has been used to mean peace out. Chris Brown bashes his ex claiming she was just hoping for the worst for him and he can replace her easily.


3. Pink – So What

Here Pink makes a number of references to her relationship with her estranged husband whom she separated from after rumors of infidelity.


4. Rihanna – Needed Me

In this song Rihanna sets straight her sadly disillusioned suitor.


5. Christina Aguilera – Fighter



6. Mariah Carey – Up Out My Face

Mariah Carey wrote this song aimed at Eminem after he poked fun of her marriage.


7. Rihanna – Take A Bow

Here Rihanna talks about being deceived by a partner then kicking him out after finding out.


8. Beyonce – Irreplaceable

Here Beyonce refers to a cheating boyfriend who thinks he cannot be replaced.


9. Jason Derulo – Riding Solo

In this song Jason Derulo celebrates about finally being single and getting away from an ex who was too controlling.


10. Avril Lavigne – I Can Do Better

11. Pink – This Is How It Goes Down



12. Jennifer Lopez LL Cool J – All I Have



13. Adele – Set Fire To The Rain



14. Ariana Grande – Break Free



15. Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever



16. Meghan Trainor – Lips Are Moving



17. Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion



18. Kelly Clarkson – Never Again



19. Katy Perry – Hot N Cold



20. Little Mix – Shout Out To My Ex

This would be a perfect song to scream out your frustrations to

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