How Does The Safaricom Linda Jamii Insurance Service Work

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2014)

linda jamii

Linda Jamii is a joint initiative by Safaricom, Britam and Changamka Micro Health to provide a very affordable micro-insurance health cover of an annual subscription of sh12,000 for a cover valued at sh290,000. The product covers medical and funeral expenses.
The insurance policy can be taken to cater for an individual or you can take a family insurance policy to cater for your children also.

So what are the benefits of Linda Jamii?

Outpatient – The family will benefit from the product up to a limit of sh50,000 per year. Dental and optical outpatient has a limit of sh5,000.
Inpatient – The limit for this is sh200,000 a year for the family.
Maternity will be covered up to a maximum of sh30,000.

Funeral expense
When the principal or spouse dies, the beneficiary who was appointed will be paid sh40,000. This isn’t applicable if a child dies.
Hospital cash
When the principal or spouse is admitted, he/she should be paid sh500 through MPESA for every day spent in hospital from day 3 of admission. This is valid for only 60 days in a single policy year.

Does Linda Jamii work with just any hospital?

No, Linda Jamii has a set of over 600 approved hospitals all over Kenya where the product works. You should contact their customer care number (0708525525) within 24 hours in case you have an emergency situation and you get admitted to a hospital which doesn’t support Linda Jamii.

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