4 Things Women Need In A Relationship

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2014)


1. We want to feel special

If a guy loves a woman he makes sure he does everything to make her feel special like buy her chocolates, gifts and even suggest more activities so that they get to spend more time together. That is the best gift to any woman.


2. We want to feel wanted

The feeling of someone yearning for us is a feeling we all crave. To know that someone will always be by our side is an amazing feeling and as females we like being the one you talk to about ur day, ur dreams and also your frustrations. It not only brings us closer to each other but it also makes the conversation easier.


3. We want a friend

Despite the physical aspect of a relationship, communication is also essential. We need a person we can talk to just about everything without being judged. When you consider each other as friends first it improves your romantic relationship and makes it stronger.


4. We want you to be honest

We need men to be honest with how they feel about us. There is no need to treat a guy like a king while he doesn’t consider you as his girlfriend. It hurts so bad. If you don’t feel the same way the lady feels for you then it’s better if you just told her.