Insane Amount Of Cash Ciku Muiruri Pays As School Fees

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2014)


Ciku Muiruri’s daughter Erica Gachoka is one smart chic since she got straight As in everything in her IGCSE exams. She has now joined St Andrew’s School, one of the best international schools in Kenya and is very expensive.

Ciku Muiruri has had a very lucrative career on radio plus she comes from a wealthy family “The Gachokas”. She recently replaced her Prado with a Range Rover.

Here’s St Andrews Turi fee structure.

Preparatory School
YearsFees (per term, including tuition)
Reception (Day only)Day – KSh 249,000
Years 1 to 4Day – KSh 249,000Boarding – KSh 498,000
Years 5 and 6Day – KSh 267,000Boarding – KSh 534,000
Years 7 and 8Day – KSh 288,000Boarding – KSh 576,000


Senior School
YearsFees (per term, including tuition)
Year 9Day – KSh 306,000Boarding – KSh 612,000
Years 10 and 11Day – KSh 331,500Boarding – KSh 663,000


YearsFees (per term, including tuition)
Years 12 and 13Day – KSh 359,000Boarding – KSh 718,000

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