5 Things Githeriman Has Been Given For Free Ever Since His Photo Went Viral

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2017)

Martin Kamotho’s life has been massively changed overnight after a photo of him standing in line during the voting process went viral. He has since been given the name githeriman due to the githeri meal he was enjoying while standing in line.

A bunch of companies come out to reward him for bringing Kenyans together during this volatile election period. Here are some of the items he got for free.

  1. A parcel of land near Karen gifted to him by Ngong Cresent. It is worth around Ksh269,000.


2. Three smartphones and airtime from Safaricom – He was gifted two Samsung S8+ each worth Ksh90,000 plus a Tecno Canon worth Ksh50,000.


3. All expense paid trip to Maasai Mara by Bonfire Adventures for him and his family.


4. Some new suits from a local men’s suits maker


5. A promotion deal with Big Square

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