7 Expensive Fun Activities For The Super Rich People

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2015)

If you were a multi-millionaire what fun activities would you take your money to spend on? Am sure you will want top notch adventures that most other people cannot afford.

So if money is not object, there are some activities that can pump up your adrenaline and leave you with awesome stories to tell your friends. Try these out.


7. Climb K2 Summit – $20,000


K2 is the second largest mountain in the world located near the border of northern Pakistan. There are various full packages that will also include things like oxygen, accommodation, food etc. Some may include air fare from certain destinations.


6. Global Boat Cruise – $44,000


If you like the ocean, luxurious boat cruises are the things for you. These are like moving 5 star hotels. Inside you get entertaining activities such as live shows, gambling, pools etc.


5. Vacation to the South Pole – $46,000


This is for those who love vacationing in the snow. The South Pole is filled with penguins and awesome glacial views. Expect to get things like 24 hour daylight and barren landscape.


4. Climbing Mount Everest – $64,000


In order to climb the highest mountain in the world, it may cost you around $64,000 per person. You will be supervised by trained professionals and get the best mountain climbing equipment. You will need to be fit to try this one.


3. World Tour on a private plane – $100,000

private jet

If you can’t own a private jet why not hire one? This is the most comfortable form of air travel since you get extra large seats, privacy, private staff and also a bed to sleep on. You will feel like a king by just having your very own pilot.


2. Fly to space – $15,000,000

virgin galactic

Virgin Galactic the world’s first commercial spaceline will take you to space if you ready to part with a couple of millions. In space you will get to see raging hurricanes,vast mountain ranges, nightlights, vast ocean etc


1. Fly to the moon – $150,000,000


A trip to the moon may just be the ultimate getaway. This is if you have $150 million to spare in your bank account. This is just one of those once in a lifetime trips that only a few people can afford. Space Adventures will use Russian Soyuz spacecraft to take you round the moon and also you will get to pass by the International Space Station. The trip can take around 17 days.


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