9 Sure Ways To Making Money Online In Kenya

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2017)

Kenya has a high rate of unemployment due to its lack of capacity to absorb the number of graduates to the job market as fast as it churns out graduates every year. One this that is expanding so much here in Kenya is the internet. Information spreads so fast and has been a major tool of breaking news. So many people have also done fundraising just through the internet, remember Jadudi? Ksh6.4 million in 48 hours, all just by word of mouth through the internet.

You can also utilize the internet and make money from it. There are many ways but remember you have to be persistent, consistent and smart about your methods. Let’s get to the list!!!!

  1. Sell Products/Service Online


You can sell your merchandise through various channels on the internet. In Kenya you don’t really need a whole e-commerce website, a Facebook account or Instagram account will just work well. So many people sell clothes, shoes, watches, phones etc just from their Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. Once you track how often you make your sales and know your whole system of operation, you can utilize the Facebook ads or Instagram ads to promote your posts to reach a bigger market. You can also set up a profile on OLX website and when people search for a specific product, yours will pop up. Be sure to add your physical store location if you have one since most people have trust issues with e commerce and may want to come physically to where you are.


2. Become A Social Media Influencer


This is what we all know as a bigwig on social media. Some people on social media are very entertaining or speak on specific topics way better than others. They are able to attract a large following on social media due to their uniqueness. This can be a very good money making opportunity for them. Brands can pay you to promote their products to your following. This can be either on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, depending on where you are big. In the US and UK so many people are millionaires just by doing this on Instagram, Vine, Twitter etc.

Locally we have bigwigs such as (Instagram and Twitter handles) @joewmuchiri, @masaku_, @RamzZy_, @xtiandela, @sokoanalyst, @ma3route, @wamathai etc. Brands such as Tuskys, Weetabix, Chase Bank, Trust etc have worked with various bigwigs on social media. They can earn thousands promoting various campaigns Socialists do also fall in this category.


3. Work In Online Freelance Websites


This can be a bit if you don’t have any skills. From my observation, people who are good with computers can easily make a great living off these websites. Here various companies and people post jobs online then those who want to do it can bid for it so as to be chosen by the person who uploaded the job. It can be a programming job, designing, data entry etc.

One of the most popular local websites that does this well is Kuhustle.com. Here some people make over Ksh100,000 a week due to the quality of work they do at a timely manner. Other websites internationally are Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc they are more competitive since it is at a global platform.


4. Start A Useful Blog


Blogging for the Kenyan market can be very rewarding if you are able to grab a large number of readers. If you are very authoritative in you line of topic be sure you will get some faithful readers. Some of the successful local blogs are like Thisisess, Ghafla, Techmoran, Kachwanya, Techweez, Mpasho etc.

Ghafla is one of the biggest success stories in Kenya and is now employing so many individuals. Sharon Mundia’s ThisIsEss made her land a job at Capital FM and also attract a bunch of advertisers in her blog. She can easily live off the website if she wanted to.


5. Online Sports Betting


This is a very dangerous way to make money online but hey it’s still a method of making money. This involving gambling on various sports games especially football. Sportpesa is a juggernaut in this space. If you are really good at predicting games you can utilize your talent here and make some extra side cash. A word of warning though, don’t bet money you are not willing to lose because sh*t happens.

Sportpesa has been producing many millionaires and making billions in the process, through its weekly jackpot price which starts at Ksh10m and goes up if nobody wins. This is totally a life changing amount of money. Besides this there are single bets and multi-bets available for you to bet and slowly build up your cash balance. If you have the talent, try it out and be disciplined.


6. Start A YouTube Series For The Local Market


This method is widely popular in the United States and UK. We have 20 year old buying Lamborghinis just by making money from YouTube. The Kenyan market with access to internet is growing. Access to wifi and smartphones is making things even better together with cheaper bundles. It enables us to watch YouTube more. YouTube offers a program where you get a percentage of the revenue generate by the advertisements it runs at the start of your video. You can also choose other platforms like Facebook to post your videos and build a name for yourself. Companies may look for you to advertise products within you videos.

People like Jaymo Ule Msee posts clips on Facebook and once in a while does a sponsored video for a fee. He has developed a massive following through this and also makes money. Other big Kenyan YouTube channels are Our 2 Cents hosted on Capital FMs channel hosted by Sharon and Susan, The Chop Up by Miss Mandi, Caroline Mutoko’s Channel, Amina’s channel etc. All these are growing fast.


7. Build Mobile Apps


This is for you if you are tech savvy and have a great idea that can make life better for others. You can make money from apps by selling them, offering in-app purchases for extra features, or advertisements. My favorite useful local app is Tuma Pesa which makes MPesa transactions much easier so you don’t have to write down a phone number, account number or paybill number of a piece of paper again. Other famous local apps are like Abacus for the stock market, Mdundo for music, Safaricom M-Ledge to keep track of your Mpesa transactions, Ma3Route for traffic in Nairobi.


8. Online Surveys

This one i have never tried but some people do make money from it. If you have the patience for it try websites like Mysurvey, cashcrate, samplekenya


9. Offer A Free Product

kim nickdee

This is more of an indirect way but can work. You can offer a free product/ service online and this may increase your popularity leading to you charging for the service later. This works well with our local deejays. Some upload free mixes online where people can download. If it is really good, your product will easily spread by word of mouth leading to increased popularity. For people in the deejay industry they can easily score high paying gigs due to their popularity plus land jobs at radio stations.