A Glimpse Of The Expensive Car Gospel Star Bahati Drives

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2015)

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Bahati is now a two time winner of the Groove Best Male Artist Of The Year Award and has also won a number of other awards. The young boy from the slums is now at the top of the Kenyan gospel industry with a number of hit songs under his name.

Bahati is one of the most sort after musicians when it comes to corporate events and other public events. He never misses in most of the big shows line up and commands a massive following. This also come with a big pay day at the end of the day and am sure his bank account is now very fat.

The gospel singer now drives a blue car that he has worked hard for. It is A Mercedes Benz most likely a C180 or C200. This is a top German machine that those with deep pockets get to drive around every day. Check out the photos

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