A VERY Angry Vera Sidika Reacts To Critics Calling Her Plastic

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2018)

Vera Sidika dominated news headlines some years back after she unveiled to the public that she had spent a fortune bleaching her skin and shortly afterwards she went ahead to get breast implants since she didn’t like the size of her original ones.

Recently, she brought to light her relationship with singer Otile Brown and it led to people asking Otile Brown to stop seeing her since she is plastic. Well, it appears these words got to her and she decided to respond to the critics. She posted:

Kanye West admits to having liposuction surgery…Y’all cool with that and fully support it but still be hating on a b*tch that transformed her skin 4 years ago. Kanye & I ain’t no different bruh. Plastic makes perfect. #fuckouttahere. The same hoes hating would still go back & do the same sh*t if they have the money. Real Talk!

Be a beauty with brains. Ass, hips, boobs don’t mean nothing if you dumb upstairs Most people are quick to judge. Yet never met you or had a chance to interact with you. If only you knew how I think you’d feel stupid for petty ass judgements.

I’m no motherf*cking slay queen! Never have, never will be!!!I’m a boss queen. I make boss moves & one hella intelligent motherf*cker

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