This Is Adan Duale’s Posh House In Runda Estate

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2016)


Adan Bare Duale is the Majority Leader in parliament. He one of the most vocal politicians currently and has gained massive popularity through this.

Before politics Adan used to be a teacher then went into politics after becoming the MP for Garissa Township. Together with his brother they built a business empire in Garissa County.

The two own Nomad Resort which the second upmarket hotel in Garissa town and they also have another Nomad Hotel in Nairobi’s Eastleigh. They also have a number of other enterprises in Garissa.

Nomad Hotel Nairobi

Nomad Hotel Nairobi

Nomad Resort Garissa

Nomad Resort Garissa

The wealthy politician lives in a big mansion and a picture of his supposed house in Runda is all over social media. Check it out


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