Akothee Angry After Being Forced To Pay Ksh723,000 Electricity Bill

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2018)

Most people in Kenya spend less than Ksh5,000 in electricity bills for their household consumption but there is a group of rich Kenya who pay tens of thousands every month just to power their huge mansions. Akothee is part of this group.

It is public knowledge that Akothee owns two large mansion in Rongo and Mombasa. Last year in June, she went head to head with Kenya Power after receiving a bill of Ksh791,223 for her Rongo home and Ksh100,000 for her mansion in Mombasa. Well it appears she lost that battle and now has to pay Ksh723,000.

She took to social media to rant the following:

“KPLC I have paid this money not because you deserve it but because I am not in the mood for any back and forth, am paying it with a lot of paid. 723,000 estimated from where? nkt mumenidhulumu”

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