Akothee Explodes On Fan Who Dissed Her Stage Outfit

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2016)


Akothee is one lady who is not afraid to share what is in her mind. She is always straight to the point with her words. A certain fan got to experience this.

Recently Akothee had a show to perform to in Turkana and a fan by the name decided to diss her stage performance costume by saying, “Kwa stage ukiperfom na swimming costumes? Aki ushamba ni kitu haitolewi na shule, pesa or being around rich people.


Akothee didn’t take this lightly, she clapped back by saying, “Only those with inferiority complex complains bitterly about my performance costume, otherwise if you had a body that could rock that attire, trust me you could order from my personal designer @phina_marcotte, it’s cheap, goes for $350.”

She then added: “If you call this a swimming costume, well I don’t blame you because the closest you have been to a pool is on internet! We understand, listen when I don’t reply to your comments is because I want to be nice, for I can finish some people here with just a sentence, go check the last time you changed your panties! Are they not from 2014? Am just asking, catch flights & not feelings.”

This was the stage performance outfit:


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