Akothee Flaunts Her Ksh22 Million Mercedes SLS

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2016)


Kenyan singer Akothee is among the richest celebrities we have in the country thanks to her hard working nature, opportunity spotting and also luck. Her rags to riches story may also inspire you.

Akothee loves expensive cars. One of her foreign cars that stand out is the Mercedes SLS which is valued at Ksh22 million. She posted it on Instagram with this caption: “Haaaaaa kwani mafuta ndio ilikuwa hakuna ama ngozi ilikataa mafuta kwa sababu ya mawazo? Ama ni jua ilichoma watu hadi melanin ikawa excess, chekini kiatu ni ile tomy ya bata aka 250 ksh, lakini roho ngumu ngumu mbele ya the dinosaur, never sympathise with yourself accept &love yourself the way you are , let them take you or leave you , someone else with a microscope will see what’s beyond the looks, “you are not ugly , you are just broke, that situation can change only if you are disciplined, goodmorning #teampositivity”