Akothee: My Baby Daddies Can Never Get My Nunu Again

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2018)

Akothee is well known for having three baby daddies for her kids, two of which are older white men. She has recently asserted that she no longer sleeps with any of them no matter how much they beg. However, they do pay their child support.

In a bid to caution women against dating married men and sleeping with their exes, Akothee posted this on social media:

“If you dating a married man it’s high time you ask yourself where you are heading to with a secret relationship, that might be the beginning of your unhappiness! Given opportunity, Will you marry the person you dating now? If no ,why are you there 🙄🙄🙄 if you are still sleeping with your Ex then you haven’t moved on we are happy for you don’t complain ! Men are men they don’t ask for sex because you are beautiful , or sweat, for them , sex is sex as long as it’s available! put value on your self #madamboss we don’t revise old news papers unless it’s needed in court for evidence , butwe already have a child as the evidence that we shared something! Babby daddy pay for child support & ask for my goodiesss? Hell NOOOOO ogol jachien ! Its not All inclusive myfriend!” 

She also went ahead to try and encourage women to be proud of the babies they carry in their wombs.

Stand up woman! You definitely know what you want in Iife , stop procrastinating & meet your challenges head on , if you are pregnant let the world know before they find out on their own ! You don’t have to announce who the father is lest you be dissappointed! It’s your stomach that will swell not theirs! It’s your child, you carrying life be proud , stop hiding it under a pullover nyako😍 The world will adjust , If you are dumped be the first to announce so they don’t have grounds to attack you ! If you are not happy about your weight talk about it and do something about it !

“If you feel a friend has betrayed you drop the friendship and focus on healing process ! If your husband has not paid rent this month just know things are about to go wild ! If your boyfriend ain’t picking up your calls then the interesting part of it is that you are still calling! Imagine he is showing his friends “look at this idiot all over me ” then drops your call ! Then you start giving yourself hope !ooh maybe he left his phone at home 😂 how do you know ? It’s a handset my friend not house phone!he will call back immediately & apologise if so 🙄 you ain’t happy because you have so many open buttons & unfinished businesses , you wake up without a plan so you fall into people’s plans & before you know it the year has ended & you celebrating another birthday” 

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