Akothee Responds To People Accusing Her Of Cheating On Nelly Oaks

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2018)

In the past couple of weeks, Akothee and Nelly Oaks, her manager, have not hidden their romance and have openly posted lovey dovey posts to each other on Instagram. There is no doubt currently that the two are currently dating each other.

It is no secret that Akothee has been romantically involved with a number of rich mzungus and even has had kids with some of them. As a result of this, some people were quick to jump to conclusions that she is seeing another man after a photo emerged of her hanging out with a mzungu.

Akothee was angered with these accusations and was quick to shut them down. She ranted, “Anytime I post a photo with an opposite sex anywhere or somewhere am already dating them? This someone behind there laptop must have full prospectus of my future relationship. Please respect my space and stick to your lane,” 

“Dinner with friends and family should not turn to your imaginary s3x fantasies. respect S3X because you are a product of ! Not everyone is as h*rny as you , know that some clients have families and hold high status so keep your h*rny arses out of my biz , I tell you whom I am dating at the moment and even walked you through whom I dumped so what f*** is wrong with your dander heads?”

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