Akothee Splashes Millions On Daughter’s 19th Birthday (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2017)

Kenyan singer Akothee loves her kids more than anything in the world hence on their birthday she doesn’t spare a single cent. Recently, Celine Dion aka rue.baby, Akothee’s second born daughter turned 19 and a party was in order.

An invite only party was hosted at Maisha Tamu Luxury Boutique Resort then an after party was held at Pata Pata beach club in Malindi.

Just like her sister Vesha Shailan, Dion also got a brand new car as a gift from her wealthy mother. She got a Mazda Demio.

Akothee captioned one of the photos she took:

“mum , Take this keys for this toy , from the bottom of my heart , for sure you can afford to fuel & service it from the salary I Pay you for taking care of your siblings , please avoid free gifts from men, eg , free drinks & lifts , a man never gives anything for free, & if they do , they have a tendency of coming back for them in one way or the other, be an independent thinker you can now drive yourself to school , thank you for being a responsible child I love you.”

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