Akothee Unleashes Some Crazy Disses Unto Her Haters

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2016)


Akothee is one of the few Kenyan celebrities with a very expensive lifestyle. She flies in business class, owns a fleet of really big expensive cars and lives in a massive mansion with her five kids.

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She regularly posts photos of her life on Instagram and this has attracted a number of haters who let her have no peace. Even musician Jaguar called her a socialite who is very loud.

Akothee’s patience ran out and she unleashed a video dissing everyone who hates on her. This is part of the rant:

Listen, don’t complain of any of my posts if you are not the target market. This market belongs to some other people who want to live a real life. You wait until somebody invites me or a sponsor invites, pays for me business class and I will post for you and you can like. But in the moment spare me the rage

Here is the full rant video:

Don’t piss off this lady

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