Akothee’s Husband To Be Gets Her A Ferrari (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2016)

akothee 3

Akothee is pregnant with her 6th child and her fiance was so happy he got her a Ferrari as a gift. These are just some of the perks for dating a really rich man.

Akothee made this announcement on Instagram as the posed next to the car which will be shipped into Kenya soon.

Haaaaaa ona toy ya kutupeleka clinic, chaiìiii huyu toto amekuja na mabakuli, sir God akujalie mumme wangu shukran sanaaa‪#‎billionairetoys‬ , shugulikia makaratasi nikai park ‪#‎Rongospar‬, tutaenda rakwaro clinic kwa sister ,last time I checked it was 50 Bob, 20 ya card na 30 ya sindano, sai sijui ni ngapi, nani ana habari ?” 

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That unborn child is already flooding her with blessings

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