Akothee’s Message To Her Deceased Twins Will Melt Your Heart

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2016)


Akothee was recently admitted to hospital in Geneva Switzerland after she collapsed at a train station. She was fighting for her life but unfortunately the doctors couldn’t save both the mother and the twins. Both died.

Last Tuesday her manager Nelson Oyugi reported that she was now in stable condition.

On Thursday was the first time Akothee talked about her situation after losing her twins. This was her message on Instagram.

“Every day you made my day blossom , you gave me a reason to see another day , you kept me in an imaginary world , I was so humbled to carry you arround, it was fun but also with challenges, well, carrying life inside a life is God’s creation , He has the powers to give & to take at his own convenient time ! My heart is heavy as I was getting more comfortable walking with you around , I had lots of dreams & imaginations on how pink & blue would look like , am very sorry that we didn’t meet here on earth , but I believe we shall see each other somewhere soon , thanks for your prayers & support family it is well with my soul.”

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