Amber Ray Responds To Claims Of Eloping With Another Woman’s Husband

(Last Updated On: October 24, 2018)

Popular socialite Amber Ray is currently in Greece on vacation with a mystery man just two months after walking out of her marriage as a second wife to businessman and politician Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda.

She flooded her Instagram account with numerous photos being very careful not to reveal the man’s identity. However, some people have been able to identify the man to be Syd, a singer. There are claims that he is a married man and this has led to Amber Ray being labelled as a homewrecker.

The socialites was quick to dismiss her critics by posting, “When someone undermines your dreams,predicts your doom, or criticizes you in anyway,please remember they are telling you their story, not yours! Good morning world.” 

She went ahead to add, “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but being savage on my page won’t heal that hole in your heart or even bring you to Santorini….🤣 then later posted, “SMILE…. It will either warm their hearts or piss them off … Either way you win.#amberthebrand #baecation.”

Here are some of the photos of them in Santorini

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