Amina Blushes Uncontrollably Live On Air After Hubby Surprises Her With A Sweet Unexpected Call

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2017)

One of the ways into a woman’s heart is to make her feel very special and you will get bonus points if you do it when she least expects it. Dj John, Amina Abdi’s husband, did this and the results were fantastic.

Amina was doing her morning show on K24 and as usual she usually takes phone calls from her listeners who want to express an opinion or ask a question. Little did she know that this time round, the guy at the end of the line was her husband Dj John.

She didn’t recognize the voice till he identified himself. Dj John then went ahead to deliver his romantic message which left Amina all smiles blushing in-front of her guests. Watch the video.


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