Why Anerlisa Muigai Was Denied A Job At Her Mum’s Company Keroche Breweries

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2016)

anerlisa muigai

If your parent is the owner of a multi-billion company, it is almost obvious you have a guaranteed job at the company even if there is no vacancy. Well this was not the case for the daughter of the owner of Keroche Breweries.

Tabitha Karanja, the CEO and owner of Keroche Breweries, rejected a job application by her daughter for a marketing position because she did not have the experience. This was two years ago.

Anerlisa Muigai then decided to start her own company called Nero Limited which is behind the water brand Executive.

Anerlisa Executive

“I first applied for a Marketing job in Keroche breweries but due to lack of enough experience, i was denied the job. so what next? i decided to start Nero company Ltd to produce executivestillwater , to learn more and maybe re-apply for the marketing job,” narrated Anerlisa.

Nero Limited has ended up being very successful and profitable. However, Anerlisa still went to reapply for the same marketing position at Keroche.


“Fast forwarding to today (after 2 years) i have finally been given a job in the marketing department at KB. i will be working mainly on the Summits-summitlager and summitmalt and Vodkas -cresent, lemontwist. That aside I have also learnt that it’s all about believing in yourself and not giving up.” she added.

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