Anerlisa Muigai Is Set To Make More Millions With This New Venture

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2018)

At her current levels, Anerlisa Muigia is a millionaire thanks to her company Nero Limited that sells the premium bottled water brand known as Executive Still Waters. She now wants to venture in the mass market with a new brand known as Life Still Water which will be affordable to the vast majority of the people.

She made the announcement on her social media accounts and posted photos of what its like inside her factory. She posted:

Last week I asked you to take a guess of what new product Nero Company was planning on introducing and the answer is NEW WATER that will be more affordable to the majority. We get lots of reviews from people and one request we got is to introduce water that will be more price friendly. The brand name is #LifeStillWater. Which will be available from Monday. #Executivestillwater still remains to our loyal customers and is still available to anyone who wants to purchase it. The Quality of the water is the same only difference is Price.

I would also like to give opportunity to those who would like to be distributors of both #Executivestillwater and #LifeStillWater. You can send inquiries to and you will get all the requirements needed, also check out our website on To give you an idea of the areas we are most interested in are Regions :

Thank you for your continued support.

PS I did not have the right factory attire because we were just testing out the water hence the slow speed. Nothing serious.

* I will contact those who got the answer right.


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