Anerlisa Muigai Opens Up About Being Mistaken For Boyfriend’s Mother

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2017)

Anerlisa Muigai, the daughter of the CEO of Keroche Breweries, has been very open about her weight struggles on her Instagram account. She used to be plus size for quite a while till she decided to work out and diet till she got rid of most of the excessive fat.

Recently she gave her fans a chance to ask her various questions regarding her weight loss journey and put her before and after photo. She wrote:

I will never get tired of posting my before and after pictures as long as i keep motivating people. I get lots of requests on posting a comparison of the two and to be honest i always hope that one day somebody will do the same and we can all celebrate them. Today i also want to answer any questions to do with weightloss. What would you like to know?

One fan commented: I would have said these are two different pax … a mommy n her little daughter …

Anerlisa responded by saying: lol trust me i ave been mistaken to be my boyfriends mother. Most hurtful thing but now i understand why.

This is her and her boyfriend.