Anita Nderu Parades Her Bikini Body While Out On Vacation With Boyfriend

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2018)

A couple of days ago Capital FM presenter Anita Nderu and her boyfriend DJ Sun Man took some days off work to go and enjoy the sweet atmosphere of Watamu. They stayed at the Medina Palms, one of the luxury hotels in the area. Anita had this to say about her stay at the resort:

Probably one of the most airy, spacious, chic and comfortable spaces I have ever stayed in. Everything about @medina_palms lived up to the expectations we all had! The food is great, there are enough pools to swim in even though there were other people staying there you felt like you had the place to yourselves. The two bedroom penthouse has a plunge pool at the roof top, the kitchen is well equipped, their staff? Super friendly, super uber helpful! Loved all their food! For once in a very long time I wasn’t sick while on holiday. They need to get a clay oven for pizza though! Thin crust seafood pizza is always a plan! That aside their cocktails are so potent and tasty! Service is super fast and the ambience there is super chilled! We loved our stay there! Pascal was a total gem! I could go on and on! It was worth every penny! I wish there was more to do in #Watamu though, whoever runs Watamu is slacking big time!

They spent their time during their stay touring the beach as they soaked in the sun and basically spending quality time with each other. Anita shared this review about her stay at Watumu:

Watamu has one of the most beautiful white sandy beaches, there is tones of seaweed here and there but an expanse of white sand as far as the eye can see in most parts. The ocean breeze, the calming sound of the waves and the sand between your toes makes you forget that you are walking around in almost 30° humid heat.It being low season the people staying in hotels along the Medina/Hemingways/Turtle bay shore line practically had the beach to themselves.
You cannot go to #Watamu and not return to the city feeling well rested! If you do not have ophidiophobia (snake phobia) there is a snake park there you can visit.
The last time I was in Watamu years ago I was asked to leave cause I kept screaming and was told I am scaring the snakes😂
Anyway there is also the Watamu village you could visit where there are pizzeria’s and authentic Italian Ice cream (gelato) palours as well as stores selling African themed artefacts.
If you have never been you really must add #Watamu to your travel list. #Malindrrr