Anita Nderu Reveals The Secret To Her Confidence

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2017)

Anita Nderu is one of the local celebrities with a fast growing popularity thanks to the different shows she does plus social media. Her main job is at Capital FM as a news presenter and radio show host. She has then expanded her brand into tv by being a regular in Larry Madowo’s show on The Trend Trending Topics and also a large following on Snapchat thanks to her fantastic story telling skills.

So what is the secret to her confidence?

She was asked this question by one of her fans and has promptly replied though her Instagram account. This is what she had to say:

I’m often asked “How are you so confident?” Am I? Really? 😄
Truth is I am not and every day is work in progress. I feel like when I accepted this is when I learnt to channel it.
My profession often puts me through quite a number of intimidating situations and seeing other women knock all these situations out the ball park convinced me I can as well.

I know the “worry not! You can if you believe” sounds cliche but reality is only you can talk yourself into doing whatever seems daunting.

I speak to myself in front of the mirror a lot😄 hyping myself for the day! So when I recently attended a session at Moi Forces Academy where Always was teaching young girls the importance of staying confident as we begin to mature into women & how even as our bodies develop at a different rate we should not feel different but instead embrace the unique being we are turning into. I related on so many levels, considering my confidence plunged dramatically in high school!

In short (which this caption isn’t but thank you for reading😄) Being the best you with what you have and believing in yourself will help you through the adolescent phase which is where most of us lose our confidence and want to look like Mary, talk like Nancy, stand out like Jane, dance like Lucy etc when really if you look within yourself what makes you different from all those girls is what makes you uniquely you and there can never be another you so carry yourself with confidence.

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