Anna Nystrom – Inside The Life Of The Swedish Fitness Model

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2021)


Anna is a fitness model. She was born on 19th June 1992 in Stockholm, Sweden. She was athletic while younger and engaged in various sports. No information is available about her early life, education, parents or siblings.

Anna is currently dating Ako Rahim, a fitness model. They met on the dating app Tinder.


Anna started out her career in 2013 when she opened an Instagram account. During this time she was battling health issues.  However with time she was able to get stronger and even started working out. To her Instagram was a way to chronicle her journey and offer motivation to those going through the similar situation. Currently she has more than 7.5 million followers on Instagram.

Currently she is a licensed personal trainer, fitness model and artist. She has worked with companies such as Daniel Wellington, Skinny Mint Tea, Workout Empire, Lush and many others.

She also has her own You Tube channel with more than 95,000 subscribers. She also has an Instagram page solely dedicated to her photography skills. Alongside PT  Online she has a online app where she posts her workout videos.

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