“When You Are Around Me I Feel Like My Cup Is Full” Akothee Pours Her Heart Out To Manager

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2018)

Over the past couple of months Akothee and her manager Nelson have been very lovey dovey on social media fueling rumors that the two were in a serious relationship. The two have somehow confirmed their relationship but have still left a number of questions to be answered from some of their recent social media posts. Last weekend Akothee decided to pour her heart out to demonstrate just how much Nelson means to her. She posted:

@nellyoaks it’s from the deepest depths of my heart to let you know what you mean to me ! Most a times when people see us together they only think of sex, money & age , well , the things I have gone through since the 4 years you have been in my life needs a calling , even my own family won’t fit in your shoes to be around me 24/7 with all the pressure πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈyou have unconditional love to me and my family ! You celebrate our achievements & will always make sure everybody I in the family feels good ! from the boys to the girls ! You must be a very special human being 😍😍, of late you see how confused I get & even break down at the airport if I have to say good bye & travel on my own ! I sincerely get lost and not in any mood of talking to anyone ! When you are around me I feel like my cup is full ! I have been a loner for along time because most people don’t or can’t stand me ! You filled in the gap & I don’t miss anything ! Yesterday remember the pressure! When we had to take Oyoo to hospital & still had to catch a flight !You still stood strong at the airport when the flight was delayed!the traffic was impossible to even access our hotel ! We ended up changing for the red carpet at the parking lot ! Proudly as you are !we walked in , in style ! I love you for you my kingπŸ‘‰ be blessed Mr Hezekiah God bless you and your family @nellyoaks surely your wife will be the most blessed Woman ever , goodnight 😒😒😒😒

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