Artists To Pay Ksh200,000 To Perform In Mombasa

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2015)


Mombasa county governor is looking to siphon more money from the entertainment industry. Kenyan artists from Nairobi will have to part with a levy of Ksh200,000 to perform in the county of Mombasa.

The announcement was made at the International Youth Day Celebration in Mombasa. Apart from that, all Mombasa Clubs, TV and radio stations will be restricted from playing music from any musician outside Mombasa unless they paid the mandatory fee to the county government. This is in addition to the royalties they already pay to MCSK and other licenses.

A move like this will create a rift in the music entertainment industry between Mombasa and the rest of Kenya since many artists will avoid performing in the county unless the promoter caters for the hefty cost. Various musicians reacted badly to this move.

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