Avril Finally Reveals Why She Broke Up With Her South African Boyfriend and What Kind Of Man She Now Wants

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2016)


Some months ago Kenyan musician Avril revealed to the world that she is no longer dating Leslie Mugadza, the South African man she was set to get married to after he proposed. The sexy musician is now very single and for the first time she has opened up about the break up.

During an interview with this month’s edition of True Love Magazine she revealed the following details: “I was engaged but that ended. We were together for four year and when my dad died we grew apart. I felt some disconnect. In needed some time apart. Sort of a break. The break never ended I enjoyed it so much.”


Not only that, she also revealed what kind of man she wants now in her life. Here are the details: “Right now I just want an exciting relationship. I want adventure. That what I need right now, nothing heavy and emotional.”

So if you think you qualify, its time to send in your CVs.

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