Ayla Marie Woodruff – Interesting Facts About The Social Media Star

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2020)


Ayla is a social media personality and a You Tuber.

She was born on August 26th, 1992 in the Flagstaff, Arizona and later moved to San Diego when younger. She is the older sister to Blake Woodruff and has 2 other siblings, Trevor and Raina. Her parents are Diana and Brian Woodruff. When she was younger she was bullied for her name and height. She is currently 4’11.

She attended the University of California and attained a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

She was in a relationship with Mackinzie Dae before they broke up in early 2018. She addresses this on her You Tube video where she says that she loved him very much but they were spending more time arguing rather than enjoying each other. After the breakup she moved houses and lives with her roommate Alyssa Lynch.


Ayla is a You Tuber with more than 815,000 subscribers. On her channel she shows her lifestyle and models some swim suit wear. Prior to this she was Logan Paul’s personal assistant before she got replaced. She has however maintained that her and Logan are still good friends.

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