How A B-Club Customer Died By Sliding Down A Staircase Railing

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2017)

A guy by the names Moses Baraka Chacha was the most unfortunate man last weekend since he ended up losing his life after a fun night at the famous B – Club.

Moses was in the company of his friends when the accident happened. According to one of his friends George Humphrey, he had tried to descend from the second floor by sliding down the staircase railing.

George posted this statement on Facebook:

“From the pictures taken at the scene and the CCTV footage which the management were willing to share, Chacha had got to the club in the company of a few friends to whom he chauffeured. They had time with the friends until around 4 AM when they decided to leave at their pleasure. On their way from the second floor, they opted to use the staircase instead of lifts. At this point, Chacha decided to descend through sliding down the staircase railing at which he lost balance falling to the basement headfirst and bleeding to death,”

The police have launched investigations at Galana Plaza, the building that hosts B-Club and Kiza Lounge.

May Moses rest in peace.

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