Babu Owino Flaunts His First Class Honor Degree Of One Of The Hardest Courses In Campus

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2017)

Paul Owino Ongili popularly referred to as Babu Owino has been the longest serving student leader not only in the University Of Nairobi but also Kenya. He is also the most famous plus has been nicknamed the Robert Mugabe of UoN.

A number of people have been doubting his academic credentials. During his first 4 years in campus, Babu was studying Actuarial Science then graduated with a First Class Honors in August 2012. He then tried to venture into politics but failed. He then went back to campus to do a degree in law.

He recently shared a photo of his certificate bragging about his achievements. He captioned them: “Incase you feel like doubting my academic prowess and keeping on asking why I do not clear campus,there you go.My first degree in actuarial science which is ranked number one degree course in the world.I also have 4 diplomas and I’m a lawyer in the making.#jaluojeuri.tibim”

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