How Bahati Met His Girlfriend Diana Marua

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2017)

A couple of weeks ago, Bahati introduced his girlfriend aka prayer partner to the world thanks to social media. Her name is Diana Marua and she actually works at Bahati’s label EMB Records at the PR and marketing department. The two are now currently living together.

So how did they meet?

The two were at an interview recently with Rashid Abdalla while Bahati was promoting his latest song. Rashid asked how their relationship came to be and this was her answer:

Kwanza tulianza na hio video tulifanya na yeye ‘Mapenzi’, nlikua bride kwenye hio video. So after hio video I got to know him, so day by day we started the friendship and I got to learn him and understand him and he also got to learn and understand me. So ikawa tu hivyo,

Well there you have it folks!

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