Beth Smith – Inside The Life Of The Reality TV Star

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2021)


Beth is an American reality TV personality, producer and actress. She was born on 29th October 1967 in Denver, Colorado and later moved to Hawaii. Her father, Garry Smith was a former professional baseball player who played in the Professional Baseball League for Kansas City Athletics.

She has been married to Duane Chapman since 2006. She is Duane’s fifth wife. Beth was previously married to Kieth A. Barmore but later got separated. She has a daughter from her marriage to Kieth called Cecily Barmore.  She has three children with Duane; Bonnie Chapman, Garry Chapman, and Cecily Chapman. She has another son from her high school ex boyfriend called Dominic Davis.

Beth has lost a lot of weight after deciding to engage in sports, exercising and a good nutrition


Beth is an American TV producer and actress. She became famous after her show in 2003 titled Dog the Bounty Hunter. She has produced hit shows like Dog and Beth: On the Hunt in 2013 and Dog: The Family Speaks in 2006. She had a role in the comic series of Rick and Morty.

Prior to her fame she worked as a gymnast, ice skater, waitress and a nightclub singer. She was the youngest bail bondsman at the age of 29 but the history was broken by her stepdaughter Lyssa.

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