Betty Kyallo Shares A Heart-Breaking Story Of Her Dating Life

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2017)

KTN news presenter Betty Kyallo has a side of her that not many people know about. In a recent interviews, the presenter shared a sad story from her past specifically her dating life.

When she was in form 3, an unexpected tragedy happeened to her that led to the loss of her face and someone she loved.

Here is what she said during the interview:

“When I saw my reflection on an X-ray machine I broke down, it worst the day of my life and I was like ‘I am just 17 years old and do not half of my face.’ My dream of being a news anchor went down the drain. It was devastating, I was in the hospital for 2 and half months, I went through 7 surgeries because my leg was broken my ribs, my jaw, half of my face, it was crazy.”

During the whole time my mum talked about grafting and I was told eat a lot of apples, I did exactly that. One day I was in the shower brushing my teeth and I noticed that there was something on my face and I realised that whoa! My skin is finally growing back. I think it was the happiest day of my life

Slowly by slowly it all grew back. It was a changing point in my life. I remember the guy I was dating, he dumped me, He left, and he was just like deuces! Its life, do you know I don’t blame him, can you imagine that you are dating a pretty chic and then all of a sudden she is not pretty… Half of her face is a scar. It’s a human thing to do, we cannot blame him.

The only thing I was mad at is because he left immediately, he was like I’m out, nice knowing you. I always laugh when I tell this story.”

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