Betty Kyallo Was Forced By Joho To Handover His Porsche In The Middle Of Mombasa Road

(Last Updated On: September 7, 2018)

Sometime back, popular news anchor Betty Kyallo and Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho were in a relationship. She even went ahead to admit this in an interview with True Love magazine. This relationship came with a number of perks such as a new Porsche Cayenne, BMW X6, monthly upkeep stipend and a fully furnished home in Nairobi’s Kilimani area.

The Nairobian has now come across extra details on the things that happened when the relationship ended. Apparently, Betty Kyallo was thrown out of the house she was given by the governor and the anchor even begged the governor to allow her to have the furniture.

“The house was not in her name, so when the relationship went south, she was kicked out,” a source was quoted by the Nairobian.

Joho went ahead to give orders of the repossession of his Porsche Cayenne which was later spotted being used during his campaign for a 2nd term as Mombasa governor. Betty was driving along Mombasa Road when Joho’s security team stopped her. She was forced to park off the road near Nyayo Stadium and pick her stuff before the team seized it.