Betty Kyalo Disses Pulse Magazine For Posting Fake Interview With Her

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2019)

Betty Kyalo was an angry woman yesterday after popular magazine, Pulse Magazine, from the Standard Media posted an interview about her that was twisted and with extra lies added onto it. The former Standard Media employee claims that the newspaper is just trying to use her name to sell newspaper copies. She posted:

What a shame Pulse Magazine. You used an interview I did 7 months ago just to make a story relevant now. How unprofessional and uncouth. Steve Muendo we did an interview August last year, but in this article you deliberately decided to make it sound like we did the interview recently which is misleading and a lie,. Even fabricated lies about what I said in the last one week just to make a connection to unrelated event. What a shame for a publication like yours. Desperate to sell copies by using my name. Some of the pictures You used Were from a recent event I attended, you referred to a trip and supposed relationship that I’ve never discussed with you. I just want to tell the public that I didn’t comment recently on any of the things in this article and that the writer Steve whom I actually considered a friend fabricated a lot of this article. The last time I spoke to the writer on a professional level was in August 2018 during a previous recorded interview but he’s used that to fabricate a story relevant For now. Just unfortunate and disappointing!

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