Big Ted Looking Different and Happier After Shedding Off 70Kgs

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2017)

State House Director of Brand Strategy, Big Ted, used to weigh an astounding 256kgs which meant he was overweight to a high extent. His suits were humongous at size 68 and here are some of the embarrassing he shared:

I could not get my size of any clothing item at the shops not to mention I had had enough of my share of embarrassing incidents.

I remember once flying to Maasai Mara National Park and they had to use an extension safety belt since the regular one wasn’t enough for me.

I also broke a chair at a friend’s wedding and it was so embarrassing when everyone turned to look at what was going on. However, I was fortunate since I did not experience any health challenges due to obesity.

He decided to shed off a large chunk of this weight through a gastric bypass procedure which was done in India at Mohak Bariatric and Robotics Center. He spent a total of around Ksh700,000.

The surgery was successful and the end result was that he had lost around 70kgs. New photos of him show how much healthier he is looking. He has decided to live a very healthy lifestyle so as not to go back to his previous state. His attention span has increased and he feels more energetic.