Billionaire Chris Kirubi Admitted In Hospital In The US For Specialized Treatment

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2017)

Business tycoon Chris Kirubi was flown to the United States a couple of days ago to receive specialized treatment for an undisclosed illness. He had been receiving medication at the Nairobi Hospital for around 2 weeks.

Centum CEO James Mworia confirmed an internal memo sent to the staff late last week. He said, “Dr Kirubi… travelled to the United States for further investigations on Monday”

Mr Mworia also went ahead to dispute the rumors that Dr Kirubi is in critical condition. He said, “Instead, Dr Kirubi, whom I spent time with on Monday and saw off at the airport, and have spoken to on multiple occasions since, remains in good spirits and actively engaged on business matters in his usual endearing fashion.”

Chris Kirubi owns 28.64% of Centum Investments and owns other big businesses such as Haco Tiger Brands which produces popular items like Ace Bleach, Bic, Palmers, Miadi, Amara, SoSoft, Bloo, Tastic sphaghetti and many others. He is also the owner of Capital Media Group where he is popular referred to as DJ CK and owns 45% of agrochemical firm Bayer East Africa.

When it comes to real estate and property, one of his biggest investment is the International House in the CBD and his 1,000 acre coffee farm in Kiambu.

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