Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna Incredible Weight Loss Transformation – PHOTOS

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2015)


Bishop Allan Kiuna and his wife Kathy Kiuna are among the wealthiest church leaders in the country thanks to their very successful and popular church Jubilee Christian Church whose service is aired on KTN. Kathy also has her own show called Woman Without Limits which airs on NTV and bring more money into their bank accounts.

With so much money coming in, they could afford to eat anything they wanted and this often leads to incredible weight gain over the years. So they decided to shed a bunch of weight by going to the gym. Check out their transformation.

Bishop-Allan-Kiuna-after-loosing-weight-1 Bishop-Allan-Kiuna-after-loosing-weight-2 Bishop-Allan-Kiuna-after-loosing-weight-5 Bishop-Allan-Kiuna-and-Kathy-after-losing-weight-1 Bishop-Allan-Kiuna-and-Kathy-after-losing-weight-2 Bishop-Allan-Kiuna-before-and-after-losing-weight Kathy-Kiuna-after-losing-weight-1 Kathy-Kiuna-after-losing-weight-2 Kathy-Kiuna-after-losing-weight-4

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