Boda Boda Riders Turn On Mudavadi After Refusing To Pay Them

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2016)


Amani National Congress leader Musali Mudavadi was at logger heads with a group of boda boda riders after refusing to pay them for their services. Reports has it that, ANC has hired the operators in Mumias East to escort Mudavadi’s convoy and make him look popular.

The riders were around 200 and each of them was set to receive around Ksh500 bringing the total amount to around Ksh100,000. Payments were to be made after the rally however, the agreement was not honored.

Speaking to The Star Peter Osundwa, the bodaboda association treasurer said this, “We entered into an agreement with organiser David Wamatsi that we would be paid Sh500 each after the rally. We moved from Nyaporo, Isongo, Malaha, Shikulu to Kamashia and back to Shianda but the ANC members went without honouring our contract.”

The angry operators proceeded to block the Kakamega – Mumias road as they hurled insults at Mudavadi. They even went on to burn his portraits. “If they cannot manage to pay this small number of motorcycle operators, how will they manage to run the country with billions of shillings?” one of the operators protested.

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