BOSS: Vera Sidika Reveals The Expensive Birthday Presents She Wants

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2017)

Vera Sidika, one of Kenya’s hottest & richest socialites, is well known for her taste for the finer things in life. She stays in various 5 star hotels whenever she is out of the country and buys designer clothes, shoes, bags etc. Her jewellery is enough to buy a couple of small cars.

Vera’s birthday is coming soon in a few weeks and the exact date is 30th September. She has already prepared a list of expensive items that should be the priority for those who can afford plus want to get her a gift. Her suggestions are Cartier Love bracelets, Chanel bag, Rolex Watch/Audemars Piguet/Patek Philippe, Hermes Birkin or an envelope with money (above $5,000).

You have to have deep pockets to please Vera Sidika.

Here are some screenshots from her Snapchat.

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