Bri Winkler – Inside The Life Of The Weather Girl

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2021)


Bri Winkler is an American lady best known for her position as a weather girl and reporter for ABC7 Eyewitness News. She was born in south-eastern Massachusetts on October, 1988. She grew up with her sister Tara Riggs. She studied Marine and Atmospheric Science with a minor in Mathematics and Communications at the University of Miami.

Once she graduated from campus, Bri started out her career as a broadcaster at KAMR-TV which is a Texas based NBC affiliate TV station. She worked as the morning meteorologist and was also a show host on Does It Work reviewing consumer products.

In 2011, Bri decided to join ABC7 where she was able to work as a morning meteorologist and also served in other capacities such as working on local radio and featuring on Good Morning America.

After close to 6 years on the job, she left the station to get back to school. She wanted to get a Masters Degree in Environmental Science.

Bri got engaged to her boyfriend and is set to get married.

Health Scare

Back in 2012, Bri Winkler suffered an unexpected stroke. She first started feeling a severe headache which led to her seeking medical attention where they conducted a CAT scan. The results were clean and doctors concluded it was from a viral infection. Weeks later, Bri got worse and noticed she had a slight hearing loss in her right ear, numbness in her face, right arm and right leg. She was experiencing a stroke. She called her sister who quickly alerted the paramedics.

Bri was admitted in hospital in a worse condition since she was not partially blind and had a slurred speech. CAT scans revealed that she a tear in the carotid artery lining and in addition to that she had a blood clot in her brain. Fortunately, Bri was able to make a full recovery.


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